What is in Turkish curry spice blend?

This Turkish curry spice blend is an aromatic combination of turmeric, fenugreek, allspice, cumin, and coriander. It also contains traditional Turkish spices sumac, Turkish red pepper, and anise. Although the word “curry” typically refers to Indian dishes made with a combination of hot spices, Turkish 10-Spice makes a delightful version of Turkish chicken curry.

Where can I buy curry spice blend?

My unique curry spice blend contains the perfect spices for lamb and is available to purchase. Discover how to use the spices you have in your cupboard to effortlessly make new meals! Get started by downloading your Free Spice Guide: 7 Common Spice for 7 Instant New Meal Ideas.

How to use Turkish spice mix for lamb?

Turkish 10-Spice is a perfect blend of spices for lamb. It also is delicious added to bulgur pilaf, and a delightful complement to red lentil soup.

Bulgur pilaf recipe

Leafy Greens with Lamb

Red Lentil Soup

turkish curry spice blend-bulgur pilaf

+ All ingredients are organic and/or sourced from suppliers working to end inequality and exploitation in the spice trade, meaning more dollars going directly to farmers.

+ All-natural–no fillers, dyes, colors or anything else

+ Spices are ALWAYS freshly ground and filled to order

+ Spice blends are proprietary recipes inspired by Chef Aliye’s Turkish heritage and her 20+ years working as a professional chef.

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