spice subscription box

You’re not dull and your dinner shouldn’t be either. Our spice subscription box gives you the tools you need to make dinner exciting again. This quarterly subscription provides you with meal plans, cooking classes, and spice blends that will transform your kitchen and your weeknight meals!

spice subscription box

All-In-One Spice & Recipe Subscription Box

Make Dinner Easy & Exciting Again

Never feel insecure about making homemade meals for the family again! Our subscriptions are more than just a box of spices, it’s everything you need in one box. Create fun recipes for the week with a signature spice blend that’s sure to make your mouth water for more. 

The spice subscription box contains: 

  • 2 oz. spice blend for the quarter
  • 3 recipe cards using the blend
  • One 5-day dinner meal plan for using the spice blend
  • Virtual cooking class featuring the spice blend
  • Sent quarterly on December, March, June, and September

You can expect to receive a new spice box delivery in December, March, June, and September! Our subscriptions are $99.99 per year. Also included is a 15% discount on single spices and other spice blends when included in the quarterly delivery! 

spice subscription box

Quarterly Spice Box Delivery

A Little Spice Goes A Long Way

With a busy family, you can’t do it all. Our recipe subscription boxes help families stop relying on boxed food and take out and help get them more involved in the kitchen again, without sacrificing their time. Meals can be exciting and easy at the same time!

The spice selection boxes give you all the tools, start to finish, to create delicious meals for you and your family. We teach you how to use spices in your everyday life to enhance flavors and take each meal to the next level in a virtual cooking class each quarter. 

From a specialty spice blend, to recipe cards, to meal plans, to virtual cooking classes, you have no excuse not to make easy, tasty meals every night! 

spice subscription box

About Our Spice Selection Boxes

Making Healthier Choices for Your Family

+ All ingredients are organic and/or sourced from suppliers working to end inequality and exploitation in the spice trade, meaning more dollars going directly to farmers.

+ All-natural–no fillers, dyes, colors or anything else

+ ALWAYS freshly ground and filled to order

+ Proprietary recipes inspired by Chef Aliye’s Turkish heritage and her 20+ years working as a professional chef

+ Reusable and recyclable, zero-plastic packaging

+ Made in a home kitchen in Long Beach, CA according to Cottage Food Bill of California, inspected annually by the local health department

See What Others Have to Say About Our Unique Spice Boxes

Learn how our recipe subscription boxes have helped customers feel more inspired and excited about cooking again!

Recipes That Are Flavorful, Delicious, and Easy to Make

“Chef Aliye is truly passionate about creating recipes that are flavorful, delicious and easy to make. I can have dinner ready for my family of 3 in under 30 minutes is a win win for us! She is such an inspiration for redefining what a home cooked meal can be!”


I’ve Lost a Few Pounds, and I’m Spending Less on Groceries

“We really enjoy these meals. I’m so much more organized, I’ve lost a few pounds, and I’m spending less on groceries. It’s super satisfying to prepare and enjoy quality meals.”


Aliye Introduced Me to Some Unique Herbs and Spices

“I have learned in Aliye’s cooking classes how to use spices and herbs in my cooking to enhance flavor. I used to always use the same herbs and spices that I had growing up, and Aliye introduced me to some unique herbs and spices that I never knew what to do with in my own cooking.”


Next Spice Box Shipment: September 2021

Get instant access to the Art of Seasoning Guide while you wait!

The easiest way to make dinner exciting and easy is learning how to use spices in your kitchen. When you subscribe, we’ll send you instant access to the Art of Seasoning Guide to help you get started today making dinner more fun! 

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Feeling Uninspired? Tired of Spending Money on Food You Don’t Cook?

We all have good intentions when it comes to our food. Whether it’s letting your produce go bad or having the urge to cook but realizing you don’t have a properly stocked pantry, our spice crate subscription can help take the weight off your shoulders. 

With your spice subscription box, we give you spice tips and tricks to take with you for meals to last and you don’t have to spend hours on hours making them. It’s so good, even your pickiest eaters will like it!

How will my Spice Club spice blend be delivered to me?

Spice Club deliveries are sent via USPS First Class. Your 3 recipe cards are included in the package. You will receive an email with every delivery with a link for your meal plan and recipes.

When will I receive my Spice Club delivery?

Spice Club members receive deliveries every 3 months (June, September, December, March). Packages are mailed the 7th of the month.

Can I cancel my subscription if I change my mind?

Spice Club memberships are non-refundable once paid for. If you don’t wish to continue with your annual subscription, simply don’t renew! (Subscriptions are not auto-renewing).  

Will this work for me if I’m vegetarian/gluten-free/vegan?

Absolutely! Included in every recipe and meal plan are vegetarian options. Vegan and gluten-free options are usually a quick substitution or omission. You can email at any time with any questions or if you need suggestions, or ask questions in our quarterly cooking classes.

How do you come up with the spice blends?

Chef Aliye her unique spice blends on traditional recipes from cultures from around the world, taking inspiration from her Turkish heritage, places she’s traveled, and kitchens she’s worked in. She incorporates all this and adapts the spice blends to fit modern needs.

Do Spice Club spice blends contain salt? Are they spicy?

For the most part, no. We give detailed instructions on how much salt to use in your Spice Club recipes for maximum flavor satisfaction, but as taste buds vary, so will your salt use! Same with the heat factor. Spice Club blends are designed to be mild in spice level so you can add the heat as you see fit!

Who is this subscription suited for? A Spice Club subscription is for you if you’re

✔️ Ready to spend less time each week wondering what to cook.

✔️ Looking for cooking to be way less stressful and time-consuming.

✔️ Wishing you had quick recipes and incredible flavors at your fingertips to make meals more exciting.

✔️ Committed to creating healthy, delicious dinners for your family that won’t break the bank.

✔️ A flavor geek who loves to experiment with innovative flavors that no one else is using to turn familiar dishes into taste explosions.