Spices are the quickest way to add new flavors to your food so you can INSTANTLY make any meal more exciting without spending hours in the kitchen.

My Signature Spice Blends are ground to order with the freshest whole spices available, ensuring maximum flavor in every dish.

From my kitchen to yours–

Chef Aliye

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What you need to know about my spice store

+ All products are organic and/or sourced from suppliers working to end inequality and exploitation in the spice trade, meaning more dollars going directly to farmers.

+ All-natural–no fillers, dyes, colors or anything else

+ Spices are ALWAYS freshly ground and filled to order

+ Spice blends are proprietary recipes inspired by Chef Aliye’s Turkish heritage and her 25+ years working as a professional chef. Click here to read more about Essential Turkish Spices.

+ We strive for zero-waste and plastic-free packaging. All jars and tins are re-usable and recycle-able, and there is no plastic used in our delivery packages.

+ Produced and packed in a home kitchen by Chef Aliye Aydin at 901 Orizaba Ave, Long Beach, CA, 90804, according to the Cottage Food Bill of California, and inspected annually by the Long Beach health department.

Chicken Doner Kebab made with Turkish Chicken Seasoning

Here’s what people are saying

I purchased the Turkish Chicken Seasoning yesterday. We had family dinner last night and I seasoned the chicken with your spice blend. The whole crew absolutely LOVED it! I can’t wait to try more of your spice blends.

–Holly, Long Beach

I used to always use the same herbs and spices that I had growing up, and Aliye introduced me to some unique herbs and spices that I never knew what to do with in my own cooking.”

–Kelly, Fullerton

Discover how to add spices to your food so you can get out of your dinner rut for good without ruining an entire meal! Click below to get your Free Spice Guide: 7 Must-Have Spices For More Delicious Dinners