How to Meal Plan

how to meal plan


I started cooking as a teenager after being diagnosed with an autoimmune kidney disease. Cooking gave me a way to control my diet and health and also offered a connection to my family’s heritage. Ultimately, I discovered that I loved learning how to meal plan–from choosing recipes to shopping to chopping vegetables–all the way to the last bite.

AND I discovered I really love to make healthy food taste amazing.

After attending culinary school and working in restaurants, I started teaching others how to cook. But when my daughter was born a few years later, I realized that making dinner was about so much more than cooking. In order to enjoy stress-free meals on a regular basis, I needed to prioritize my time and have the right resources, so I could have healthy dinner ideas right at my fingertips.


So, what takes a person from being overwhelmed by cooking, to consistently creating healthy homemade meals that can improve your quality of life and health? I’ll tell you right now, the most satisfying meal starts with simple intentions and ends with you feeling amazing.


This is the journey I’d like to take you on.

What is A Good Carrot anyways?

I’m so glad you asked!

A Good Carrot is named after an actual carrot I ate back in 2009.

Funny, right?

There I was, at the farmer’s market, picking up veggies for my (now closed)

produce delivery business, and I wiped one of those freshly-picked

carrots right on my jeans and took a bite. And guess what? I saw stars.

That’s right, my taste buds exploded

That carrot was sweet, earthy, crunchy, bursting with flavor,

and so satisfying! I had NEVER tasted a carrot as good

as that one, and I never forgot it. 

I consider A Good Carrot to be the foundation of every good meal.

Good ingredients. Good intentions. Good techniques. Good feelings.

Good connections. Good tasting. Good flavors. Good times! 

Weekly Content

Fresh content is delivered to the library and to your devices each and every Sunday.



Learn how to create your own meal plans, and I also include a “done-for-you” meal plan every month that includes the monthly cooking technique.



A new educational video demonstrating a cooking technique (including knife skills). I share my favorite tips for making your time in the kitchen easier, quicker, and more fun!



As an A Good Carrot Member, YOU have a hand in shaping this membership exactly into what you need it to be. I will communicate with you and shape the content to meet your needs, including bringing in other experts when needed!



In our monthly hour-long private interactive video calls, I take you through how to make a dish (or two!) and take questions. 

What’s Inside

A Good Carrot Members have access to all resources within our online portal. It’s an easy-to-use format, designed to help you keep track of your goals. The membership will keep you on track for meal planning, without overwhelming you.

how to meal plan

+ Meal Planning Welcome Packet– Upon joining, you will be mailed a recipe welcome packet with three recipe cards, the sticker above, and a personal thank you note from Chef Aliye.

+ Virtual Cooking Classes— In small monthly interactive classes, Chef Aliye demonstrates some of her favorite recipes and cooking techniques.

+ Text Messages— You’ll be able to opt into updates sent directly to your phone that will keep you accountable and motivate you to meal plan for the week.

+ Seasonal Cooking— Learn to choose the freshest market ingredients and cook with what you have on hand.

+ How to Use Spices— Chef Aliye shares her passion and knowledge on the art of seasoning, and how to best use spices and herbs in your cooking.

+ Meal Plans– In addition to monthly meal plans, inside the membership portal is where Chef Aliye pulls back the curtain on her best meal planning strategies, learned through years of working in professional kitchens and teaching others to cook.

+ Bonus Video Basics– Bonus videos that teach fundamental basics (such as knife skills) in and can be referred to again and again.

+ Bonus Downloadable Extras–Useful resource guides to pin to your fridge for quick reference.

+ A Video Library— Videos are a great way to see recipes come to life and get motivation to try your hand at it!

+ Teaching— Chef Aliye shows everything she knows about cooking, creating fresh monthly content (delivered in weekly intervals) that will level-up your skills and help you make meals that you’re proud of.

Learn how to meal plan

Here’s what people are saying

Chef Aliye is truly passionate about creating recipes that are flavorful, delicious and easy to make. I can have dinner ready for my family of 3 in under 30 minutes is a win win for us! She is such an inspiration for redefining what a home cooked meal can be! –Deanna

“I was a terrible meal prepper before, but with Aliye’s tips I’ve become more efficient in managing my time.” 

We really enjoy these meals.  I’m so much more organized, I’ve lost a few pounds, and I’m spending less on groceries. It’s super satisfying to prepare and enjoy quality meals. –Hailie

Aliye, I love your cooking style and your creativeness. Your use of spices in the Mediterranean Meal Plan recipes are fantastic!!! Loving making these recipes.  Today I made the ditalini with tomatoes and lemon oil. OMG Amazing good. Can’t stop eating it. –Chris

“Having ideas and recipes already picked out made it so much fun and less stressful.”


What does my A Good Carrot Membership give me?

Upon your registration, you will have immediate access to full meal plans, instructional videos, archived cooking classes, and more.

What happens after I join?

Shortly after you become A Good Carrot Member, you’ll receive a welcome email with a link for full meal plans and downloadable recipes. Members will have access new weekly content delivered every Sunday.

How is the new content delivered?

Every Sunday, content will be available through the membership portal and announced via email. There is also the option to receive text messages to your phone.

When will my subscription renew?

Your membership payment will be processed every 30 days. So if you sign up on August 23rd, your payment will be processed the 23rd of every month.

Do I have to be on Facebook?

No! 🙂 100% of the course content is hosted directly within the private membership site and you can interact with other members using the comments section on each post. Members are always invited to ask questions for cooking classes in advance, and the video replays are always added to the membership site.

What is your cancellation policy?

While we hate to see you go, you may cancel at any time. You will continue to receive membership access until the 1st of the next month.

May I purchase a subscription as a gift?

Definitely! Just email me for details aliye [at]