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Chef Aliye's Cooking Classes

My approachable teaching style will help you achieve your cooking goals so you can feel confident in the kitchen and look forward to cooking. Each and every technique-driven class is created to fit your exact needs.

Gather your friends and colleagues for a fun time! Make a meal together while enjoy each other's company or celebrating a special occasion.

Get motivate and commit to creating delicious healthy dinners that won't break the bank. Enjoying freshly-cooked food at home is possible on even the busiest of schedules.

Relax in a garden setting and enjoy a meal at the end of class. I offer intimate demo-style cooking classes on an ongoing basis in my home.

Hi, I'm Aliye Aydin

I love to share my passion for food and cooking by teaching people the skills and techniques needed to become better cooks. I believe food needs to taste good and make us feel good, and that cooking, sharing, and eating a home-cooked meal with others is one of the best things we can do for our health.

All my cooking classes include:

-->A custom menu designed just for you;

--> All recipes, ingredients, instructions, and a cleaner kitchen than you started with;

--> A fun way to celebrate special occasions with your friends and family;

--> A memorable experience for corporate team-building and professional networking.

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Book a call with me today and we'll find out the best cooking class option for you!

Read my 4 reasons to take a cooking class. I offer a variety of themes such as:

Easy Healthy Dinners

Effortlessly prepare quick delicious weeknight meals that make you feel incredible and so satisfied! Your take-out days will become a thing of the past.

Mediterranean Recipes for Dinner

Learn how to incorporate Mediterranean flavors and ingredients into your every day cooking and experience one of the most delicious and healthiest cuisines in the world!

Meal Planning for the Week

Learn chef tips and secrets for meal planning so you can say good-bye to dinnertime stress.

How to Cook Fish

Make mouthwatering fish and seafood recipes in just minutes.

The Perfect Dinner Party

You can cook delicious food for your friends AND spend time with them too!


Turkish Breakfast/Brunch

Turkish breakfasts are famous around the world, and a great idea for your next brunch party.

Here's How Past Clients Have Become Better Cooks


I have been hiring Aliye for the past year for many classes which are so much fun! A group of 6-7 of us get together at my house for a series of classes where we pay Aliye a set price for her time and the food. We learn about different cooking techniques while sipping wine and enjoy a fantastic meal at the end. This has been a great way to spend time with my friends and get to meet new ones!


I've attended many cooking classes throughout the years, and yours rank right up there with the best (including celebrity classes). I love your passion and accessible style. I appreciate your patience, and how comfortable you make people feel in the kitchen.




I have learned in Aliye's cooking classes how to use spices and herbs in my cooking to enhance flavor. I used to always use the same herbs and spices that I had growing up, and Aliye introduced me to some unique herbs and spices that I never knew what to do with in my own cooking.


Let's Chat!

Book a call with me today and we'll find out the best cooking class option for you!