If You Don’t Know How to Add New Flavors To Your Food That Taste Good,

How Will You Ever Get Out Of Your Dinner Rut?


Cooking By Cuisine:

7 Essential Flavor Formulas For Weeknight Dinners

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Walk Away Knowing Exactly How to Create NEW and Exciting Dinners

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Cooking By Cuisine: 7 Essential Flavor Formulas for Weeknight Dinners: Just $97 $57

June 5th 5PM PDT

The Real Reason You Can’t Cure Dinner Boredom

Until You Learn How to Add New Flavors to Your Food :

Most experienced cooks know there are three main ways to affect how your food tastes: ingredients, seasonings, and cooking techniques.

The thing is, if you need NEW quick and easy weeknight dinner ideas, swapping out seasonings in dishes you already know how to make is the easiest way to do it.

AND if you’re like the masses, you want a homemade meal to be ready in 45 minutes or LESS and not have to spend forever cleaning up afterwards.

Have you ever said any of these things to yourself?
–> There HAS to be an easier way to make new dishes (without spending HOUR learning a new recipe)

–> The less work the better, but I like interesting tastes

–> I want to make something new, but I don’t want to ruin an entire meal…

Look–we all know the saying about how too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the broth,

but there’s also another less well-known mistake that even experienced cooks make about weeknight dinners:

New Dishes Require Hunting for New Recipes

Contrary to popular belief, making meals that has everyone at the table saying “oh my god this tastes incredible, what is IN this?!” doesn’t mean you have to spend hours hunting for the perfect recipe or at the stove.

And on the flip side, simpler dinners don’t have to mean boxed mac and cheese every night or resorting to expensive meal kits.

It turns out there IS a way to slash the amount of time you spend on dinner planning, prepping, and cleaning, while still enjoying restaurant-quality meals at home.

This is what I want to help you do. 

Here’s the Truth:

If you don’t learn Essential Flavor Formulas for weeknight dinners, you will continue to spend too much time HUNTING for new dinner ideas.

And spending too much time planning dinner means sacrificing your free time.

And if you’re sacrificing your free time, cooking will feel like a chore that you don’t want to do (and you value the benefits of homemade meals too much for that).

So, what IS the secret of easily having NEW meal ideas?

Knowing how to ADD NEW FLAVORS to dishes you already know how to make. 

Swapping seasonings in and out of the dishes you already know how to make is the easiest way to have quick and delicious NEW dinner ideas so that you can spend less time in the kitchen and still reap the benefits of delicious homemade meals. 

In this workshop I’m going to teach you exactly HOW to do that, so you can always have a new dinner idea right at your fingertips.

And to make this the biggest no-brainer ever, check out my guarantee below. 



Cooking By Cuisine:
7 Essential Flavor Formulas for Weeknight Dinners

—–Virtual Workshop—–

A Proven Method that FINALLY Cracks the Code
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➢ Discover the go-to process for building quick weeknight meals using ingredients you already have on hand.

➢ The best way to stock your pantry so you can create flavorful dishes inspired by world cuisines without spending hundreds of dollars on ingredients you’ll only use once.

Learn the best cooking techniques for layering flavor in your dishes and having gourmet-tasting meals ready in under 45 minutes, even when you have no idea what’s for dinner!

➢ How to properly use SALT so you can add tons of flavor without dirtying tons of dishes

AND my favorite 5-Minute Sauces and Sides so you can stop wondering “what goes with what” and easily enjoy full meals during the week.

➢ Easily create new meals without spending hours planning and cooking…OR YOUR MONEY BACK.

The Guarantee That Makes This a Total No-Brainer:

When you join us in the Workshop, I guarantee that you’ll walk away with AT LEAST 7 exciting new meals ideas that will taste amazing and save you time…or your money back!

In other words, if you’re still stuck after the class on how to simplify your meals and amplify flavor, you can email me and I will refund your money, no questions asked! AND you can keep the recording of the class and all guides and resources with it. 

See how students are exponentially increasing

the flavor AND simplicity of their meals:

“I have learned in Aliye’s classes how to use spices and herbs in my cooking to enhance flavor.”


Lawyer, mom, & experienced cook of 22 years

“I love your accessible style, and how comfortable you make people feel in the kitchen.


Real estate broker & experienced cook of 18 years

Chef Aliye is truly passionate about recipes that are flavorful, delicious and easy to make. 


Full-TIme Mom & experienced cook of 10 years

Why I’m Not Charging As Much As I Should For This Workshop:

I’ve taught a lot of in-person cooking classes over the last 15+ years, and I’ve helped open people’s eyes to the hundreds of flavor combinations possible for simple and delicious weeknight meals.

If I were to teach this class in-person, the sheer number of resources would take at least three classes, and cost you $400 or more.

Instead, this Virtual Workshop format allows me to compile all this super-valuable information into an easy-to-digest virtual class that you can watch again and again, for a fraction of the price!

And I’m most likely never offering this class at this price again.

Why Now?

With the ever-increasing focus on homemade meals for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I see so many experienced cooks who are just burnt out on making dinner.

You WANT to continue to cook and eat homemade meals and still HAVE TIME for yourself, but chances are you are tired of all the time you spend planning, prepping, and most of all, cleaning up afterwards.

Knowing how to easily add new flavors to your food is essential for anyone looking to increase the ease and flavor of their meals. When you become a master of simplicity AND seasoning, you’ll stay motivated to cook because it’s just too easy not to!

And if you would like my help with that, your investment is just $97 $57.

Remember, if you aren’t buzzing with excitement to try out the new ideas you learn in this class, I’ll give you your money back. What do you have to lose?

So if you’re ready to simplify your meals and ultimately your life, click the link below and I’ll see you soon!


Cooking By Cuisine

—–Virtual Workshop—–

Cooking By Cuisine:
7 Essential Flavor Formulas for Weeknight Dinners

Just $97 $57

June 5th 5pm PDT